I was looking at that Xcom board game that was mentioned last stream in chat, it's very well made and it's interesting, the one thing I'm sad about is that it only has the strategic layer, not the tactical one, it seems you can't shoot the aliums in the face

You know what I just realized today? I was going to give Pat some emote replies on his clips, and I learned that they *took that feature out*. I will never understand people who remove perfectly functional and harmless features.

I wonder if you can have like two threads open at the same time, that would be neat, like, maybe I want to keep up with a conversation i was having a few minutes ago, but I also want to respond to something else that is going on, it would be cool to have two columns, one for each

Okay, cool, I'm starting to get used to it, right now I have just the federated timeline, and you can just click on stuff, which then opens a thread to the right of it

I unpinned notifications, for example, since there is a button for it on the upper left corner and it doesn't seeem that important

well, at least you can unpin these bars, this seems very customizable


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