Question: For those who played FF7 (or Final Fantasy Version 2), if Cloud was in Breath of the Wild, what would his Divine Beast be based on?

Yo Everyone! Coe is doing some UHC in the Mindcrack marathon!

I have two "goof off" ideas that I just wanna do because I wanna. One is that I am disappointed that the Wedding Mario Amiibo doesn't give Link a tux, and viseversa. And another is Swordsmen of the Wild, taking other swordsmen, like Cloud, and put them into BOTW.

That snake bow was too good an idea not to make into the armor, here is a sneak preview

Trying this mobile app Tootdon since Tusky doesn’t seem to be for iPhones...

Now we just need a CoeBot to follow everyone unwantingly

Well, it seems that Mastodon can take my larger files!
Can you can adjust the preview

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