Hey all, so even though Federation Bot is annoying, it's not the reason we're seeing toots from the outside world - according to the creator of Mastodon:

It seems like regardless of anything I do, any user here can follow users in other instances and cause them to show up in our Federated timeline. If I'm understanding this correctly, which I honestly don't know if I am.

To be honest, even the explanation in this reply says "it is not the relay, it is something generated from genuine local user activity. Hard to tell what exactly." So essentially a big shrug there.

@Coestar What should we do? Is there anything that can be done?

@NihRubra At the moment it seems like it just is what it is. It doesn't seem like we can really do much about it short of forking it and fixing it ourselves, or adopting another fork that addresses it.

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