We'll have to decide on rules/usage/etc. for this community eventually, but I feel like we can probably allow a wider range of topics (politics/nsfw) due to the fact that users can control their experience more (and we own the place!)

@Coestar Have you seen Riot? Might be a good Discord-like alternative and looks like you can host your own server:

@kragit that's the current plan - is phase 1 and is phase 2 😉

@Coestar Nice! CCU? Coestar Chat Universe? -- Haven't delved into customization here much yet, but default layout does throw a lot of info in your face at once. Riot looked to be more Discord-like in presentation which would likely help adoption if it became the primary community chat tool.

@Coestar @kragit what's phase 3? hosting our own Reddit?(which is possible btw) :P

@Hopeen @Coestar @kragit that would require us to ascend to the fifth world. not an easy thing to do!

The only rule I can think of right away is no CP and no Loli/Shota as well, just to be safe and the general common sense don't be a dick rule

@SovietMan @Coestar and mark NSFW stuff as such
With the CW (content warning) button

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A community for fans/followers of Coestar (Coehorts), a daily Twitch streamer.